The single most important factor, in my professional opinion, to a successful SEO campaign is having impeccable onsite optimization. This includes, but is not limited to, keyword research, optimizing meta title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags as well as including relevant and optimized body content, along with bold/italicized/underlined keyword placement inside the body content. When it come to onsite optimization, many people go wrong in their focus and structure. This post is dedicated to delve deeper into my theories, practices and logic regarding onsite optimization – what I do, how I do it. and why; it is NOT aimed at a beginner level SEO, as a newbie to the world of search engine optimization would most likely be lost with the processes and technical jargon, but at a mid to advanced level digital marketer – one who is looking to sharpen their skills, learn the latest strategies, and improve the organic results for any, if not all, of their web properties or client websites.

To help with this post and to give concrete examples of results that I have been able to obtain I will be referencing one of my most challenging projects in the world of Sports Betting, Betting tips, and Betting sites – The results that I will share are only after a mere month and a half of work which is basically how long it took me to completely optimize the site from top to bottom due to its size, therefore it is important to keep this in mind when understanding the progress and trends of its positioning. Another important factor to consider when analyzing BookieSmashes results is the sector in which we are playing. Basically, you will be hard pressed to find a more challenging market, niche, or vertical to venture into as the world of online betting is full of blackhat SEO tactics and a large number of SEOs who are short-sighted and careless with the strategies they implement. So with that said let me get right into it and start breaking down my SEO strategies for onsite optimization.

Keyword Research – Done right, you can’t go wrong – done wrong nothing will go right.

Please don’t do quick keyword research! It is the single most important step of your websites life. It is essential that it is done correctly and built off of intelligently. There is nothing worse for me to see than a well executed SEO strategy focusing on all the wrong kws; it just makes me cringe to know that some poor sucker is paying someone to implement a strategy that has no hope whatsoever in driving more traffic to their website and, in turn, bring in and increase converting customers. What makes keyword research so difficult to get right is that you must have a clear understanding of the clients’/business’ objectives/goals as well as understand who their ideal customer is and what their ideal potential client avatar looks like. It is almost never the same for any two businesses which means that it takes time, however this is time well spent as it will give you a clear direction to move once completed. BookieSmashes ideal potential avatar looks something like this:

BookieSmash Custome Avatar

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20-55
  • Language: English
  • Geographic Location: United Kingdom
  • Other interests: Sports fans/Sports enthusiasts

While this may seem simple enough it may surprise you what sector of the population you need to focus once you get started. For example in the case of BookieSmash it was interesting to realize that although the search volume for many keywords was higher in the United Stated it would most likely be more profitable to focus directly on the UK due to online gambling and sports betting restrictions implemented by the US government which denies any bets to be placed by a US resident in the U.S.of A.. If you did not now this or do your due diligence you would go about optimizing this particular website for an audience that cannot use your product nor bring you any revenue. BIG MISTAKE – and one worth getting fired for if you are being contracted to improve ROI and the websites bottom line. So what did I do? Okay, for BookieSmash I started as I always do after I understand the client avatar and that is with the Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

My main objective here is to find the Head keywords and then drill down to look for interesting Longtail keyword opportunities. I always want to fine the most relevant head keywords with the highest volume of searches for the homepage. Now that does not always equate to the highest search volume kws being used to optimize the homepage; it means that search volume is a consideration however so is relevance, competition level, and the position a searcher for a specific kw is in the sales funnel when searching for said keyword. For BookieSmash this part was easy because do to the fact that it is looking for, and gets paid by attracting, new sign-ups we were looking to go after the highest relevant kws possible and, if possible, find some low hanging fruit to focus on for quick wins and traffic. Therefore I started with kws such as Sports Betting, Betting Tips and Online Betting sites as those were the most general terms I could think of off the top of my head.

Lets take a look at what Google’s Keyword Planner had to say:

Onsite Optimization - Keyword Gold

Onsite Optimization – Keyword Gold!!!

Betting Tips: Now this is exactly the type of keyword gold that I am looking for when I’m doing my keywords research – high volume, relevant keywords with low competition and exactly what my exact customer avatar would be using to search. I also selected Betting Sites for the  homepage because I felt it represented very well BookieSmashes product and/or service and could be integrated easily in a title tag with Betting Tips (something we’ll get more into in another post on onsite optimization technical factors). For some other high volume keywords that were also relevant such as Football Betting Strategy, Weekend Football Tips, Tennis Betting Tips, Best Football Tips, and La Liga Results the decision was made to optimize other very important, more relevant pages with them in order to optimize for the widest audience possible.

Another decision that was made in reference to the onsite optimization was that major operator pages would be utilized for the kws most relevant, and with the highest search volume, for each specific operator. For example, very important operators such as Bet365, Bwin UK, Ladbrokes, Betfair, and Betway were optimized for kws such as Bet365 Bonus Code, Bwin Review, Ladbrokes Horse Racing, Betfair Sportsbook, and Betway Sports respectively.

I highly recommend going to in order to check out what I did or to fill in any blanks or answer any questions that you may have. Or you can leave me a comment in the comments section along with any questions you may have and I will gladly answer them promptly and to the best of my ability. I am always open to discuss and/or defend my optimization decisions. The great thing about SEO is that there are many different views and theories as to best practices and an ever changing landscape in which to implement those theories and best practices. Starting a great debate and sharing ideas and successes is the best way to learn and educate!

Until we meet again!